AWOD: Progress Update

AWOD Screenshot Small

There was significant progress last week regarding my Ludum Dare entry – Advancing Wall of Death. However, the progress wasn’t as significant as expected, considering that AWOD was supposed to be my Ludum Dare 48h game competition entry. The problem seems to be that my motivation to work on this game dropped significantly in last few days. I tried to motivate myself by cutting down on complexity and simplifying the process of development, but that didn’t really help. I still feel a bit uncomfortable about working on it.

So, there you go. Another prototype of mine which ends up in my limbo and stays there for who knows how long. I decided to not work on it for a while and instead pick up another smaller concept to work on. As experience showed, I make one crap game-in-a-day after every hard work on one solid promising prototype. So, expect a crap game-in-a-day game soon.



One Response to AWOD: Progress Update

  1. cactus says:

    I like those graphics.

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