April RP Summary Part 2

If you haven’t read first part of the april rapid prototyping summary series then I encourage you to read it before reading this article. You can read it here.

4. TV Adventures

TV Adventures was my last attempt to make an entry for TIGSource Cockpit Competition. It was very simple design-wise, but visual-wise, it was a bit of a headache. That was probably the main reason I gave up entering TIGS Cockpit Compo.

As I said, TV Adventures is very simple. Basically, the gameplay is centered around changing the TV channels and trying to satisfy your avatar by switching to TV programs which show something that is interesting to your avatar and avoid bad and boring programs. The game was supposed to consist of several levels each providing you with a different avatar with unique program preferences. For example, granny avatar might be scared by porn and satisfied by cooking program. In a similar way, a middle-aged woman might be satisfied by romantic comedies and bored by politics. Apart of basic avoid bad, seek for good challenge style, I was thinking about adding the distraction factors such as TV issues – where all programs turn into static and you have to react quickly to get it working. Another example of distraction factor would be a scenario in which you play as a teen boy who is satisfied by porn but who has to make sure to change the channel when his parents come into his room so that he doesn’t get embarrassed.

Interesting idea, isn’t it? It lived for maybe two or three hours in total and then I decided to drop it.


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