CW:TR 2009 – Week One

CW:TR 2009 Screenshot #1

I started working on Chart Wars: The Remake (2009) as a part of my time management experiment. I’ll be working on this game one hour a day and I will try to keep the progress steady.

If you are not already familiar, Chart Wars: The Remake (2009) is NOT supposed to replace Bass of Mass – another music industry simulation game I am working on. CW:TR 2009 will be a slight improvement over old Chart Wars 3 game developed by Rob Cooper, whereas Bass of Mass is supposed to be that detailed music industry simulation I’ve been talking about to you for several years now.

I’ll be posting weekly updates on this one each Wednesday so stay tuned!


3 Responses to CW:TR 2009 – Week One

  1. GaryEmmitt says:

    Im Here, I cant wait, if you need help with main screen, i could make some up fo shits and giggles

  2. boobs says:

    what the heck happened with updates?

  3. mirosurabu says:

    Look at the latest cw:tr post here:

    The game has been abandoned for two reasons. The first one was because of the Construct bug that prevented me to work on the game. The second one is the joint project me and Klaus started.

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