CW:TR 2009 Halted

How do I start a post where I have to apologize for missing promised blog updates? Oh, well…

Layout object is indeed buggy, sorry to say. And there is no way I am going to continue working on CW:TR 2009 with buggy layout object. So here’s the disappointing deal – I’ll submit the report to bug tracker and wait for new Construct version to come out. Until then CW:TR 2009 development will be halted and instead of that I’ll work on something else.

I know this is really disappointing and I feel same way about it, but it’s not within my control. It’s really funny how I ran into a fatal bug only after initial three or four days working on the game. Scirra guys are updating Construct frequently so this shouldn’t be a big delay.

Thank you for your patience,
Miroslav (Adrian)


3 Responses to CW:TR 2009 Halted

  1. says:

    I hope everything works out and one day we can play CW:TR 2009

  2. Sad Person says:

    I just shed a tear… ;(

  3. swkninja says:

    Already delayed? It seems to be the fate of most everything related to the chart wars series… Good luck with everything!

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