Lack of Activity (sorry for)

Wow, it has been a long time since last game-development-related activity I have made. I am very sorry about that. I think I’ve been going through a phase in which I had no motivation to work on anything game-development related and I hope it’s just a phase and one which won’t last long.

There are several small but interesting game-development competitions coming up so I hope to enter at least one of these. Hopefully this will give me a necessary push to get into regular game-dev mode again.

As for Chart Wars: The Remake 2009 – I’m still waiting for the new version of Construct to come out. Until then there will be no progress.

Thank you for your patience


One Response to Lack of Activity (sorry for)

  1. bytespiller says:

    Yes I have similar phases of low to non-existant motivation-whatsoever. It proved many times to be of temporary nature, but it can last for quite a while (long enough to make you worry “what’s happening with me? Will I ever code again?”)
    Hold tight, it will pass 🙂

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