Chart Wars 2010 !?

Good news, good news! Chart Wars fans should be happy!

Well, maybe not, because CW:TR 2009 will most likely be abandoned. But don’t be disappointed!

Just recently, Klaus from Osiris Games Community asked me about doing a community project.  Bothered by inactivity of the man behind first two Chart Wars games (Rob Cooper) he asked me if I’d like to join my efforts with anyone willing to make a contribution over on OG Forums citing himself as someone who’d help with research part of the game.  Given that Bass of Mass was a non-profit effort and given the fact that I was burnt out from working on the game all by myself I decided to start an open community project over on OG Forums.  We just started designing basic conceptual framework for the project and suggesting some design details but if we keep it steady we’ll eventually get some good results.

Hang over to special sub-forum over at OG Forums here.

(SUPPORT THE PROJECT: Currently we don’t accept any money. However, if you want this game to happen then we need your support. There are various degrees of support you can provide, but don’t hesitate even if it’s the minimal one. Positive comments and feedback even if they are spam-like one liners are welcome and are not regarded any less than other kind of support! If you want to help more then hang over to our special subforum over at OG forums and make some contributions)


11 Responses to Chart Wars 2010 !?

  1. Alex says:

    Can’t wait

  2. Grant says:

    Cool, go for it guys :o)

  3. joão pedro says:

    I NEED this game! go for it guys!

  4. Mike says:

    I would like to say that I fully support a new CW game. I keep running into trouble with CW3 and sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it to start all over and spend all those hours with the not-very-user-friendly Editor to fix all the venues, countries, etc. that already have problems when you install the game, and then make the additional countries, venues, cities, artists, etc. that I like to use to play the game. Go for it, please!

  5. garyemmitt says:

    You know im following….

  6. gustavo says:

    2011 and we still waiting for the game :SS

  7. CherPerry says:

    Hoping for this game.. :/

  8. Bob says:

    There is a game like chart wars 3 out there, actually its better than chart wars 3 if you can believe that!

    Its called “The Road to Success”

    Its all free as well and the guy that created it is always on the game forum in case you need any help

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