In Another Brothel (On Another Platform)

August 31, 2009

Upcoming flash game by me.

Programming: Miroslav Malesevic (mirosurabu)
Level design: Andreas Jorgensen (hideous)
Artwork:  Sereneworx
Music: Tom Mauritzon

Thanks to Lifesnoozer for making this video!

New port: Tanaka’s Friendly Adventure

August 22, 2009

Tanaka’s Friendly Adventure is now available online. The ratings aren’t bad but to be honest I was expecting much more. But, oh, well.

Original author of the game:



Tanaka’s Friendly Adventure: Successfully Ported

August 4, 2009

Successfully ported to flash.

Now, we’re attempting to make a decent sponsorship deal. Are we going to be successful?

What I’m currently working on

August 1, 2009

But wait! Doesn’t this look a lot like that Pathways game?