Blog has been moved

December 27, 2009

This blog will no longer be updated because the content of this blog has been moved to which is a new website for the very new year!


Major Changes

December 22, 2009

As you can notice from the blog title, new name, new domain, new host, new website, new e-mail, twitter account and more.

Coming soon.

I Love You 2: Revisited

December 18, 2009


A short interactive story about a boy and his uncomfortable communication of feelings. The story is told by a sequence of obscure mini-games and dialogue in between.

Perhaps if we’re in an age where portraying women in a stereotypical or degrading fashion is sexist, then doing the same to men should be so as well. I think it’s rather unfortunate that the protagonist is a bored internet diddler on a quest to have engage his sister in some “good times,” who then gets rather bored when his love interest *gasp* wants to actually talk to him. This is a base depiction of humanity and certainly a sad set of stereotypes to use to portray a man.

Last day I was wondering if I Love You 2 would score high on flash portals like Newgrounds and Kongregate if I revisit it and make slight adjustments to the game. I was really willing to see results and decided to do it. I decided to try several things:

1. Restructure the story of the game and make it more coherent
2. Make certain mini-games easier to play
3. Plaster it with links to my website and first game in the series
4. Better intro/menu interface
5. Outside-the-game hint system

In case you’re wondering

December 17, 2009

I find it interesting that there are still some bits of information on this blog that remained unexplained. I know this isn’t appealing so I decided not to be so lazy and clear this things out.

Namely, QQUAK and In Another Brothel for flash won’t come any soon. These games were announced but I stopped on working on them for a couple of reasons. QQUAK for being a FPS and IAB for reminding me that I am too lazy to finish it.

As for CHART WARS games.

There are plenty of CHART WARS fans visiting this blog and from time to time I tend to run into a not that pleasant YouTube comment or e-mail.

The truth is that CW:TR and BOM are currently at the back of my mind and there is no clear date when these two will be finished. If you want something that’s more active, then you should definitively visit Osiris Games forums where I help with the programming part of the Music Manager game.

Thanks for listening and I am glad I wasn’t that lazy to avoid writing this post.

Complaints on my laziness are welcome in all forms – comments, mails, hatemails, etc.


New Game: RECOIL

December 17, 2009


This isn’t a flash port, but it’s heavily inspired by an older arcade game created by CraftM. You can check out his games here.

The game is straightforward “avoid obstacles” platformer where you guide a bouncing coil (or spring, if you want to ruin the subtlety -.-). It’s quite hardcore which means that if you’re casual flash gamer you’ll find it extremely frustrating but with a little bit of finger training you’ll soon realize it’s not that hard.

Credits go to me for code and level design; to CraftM for inspiration; and finally Georg ‘Android-Music’ Dziov for the music.