My name is Miroslav Malesevic and I am freelance game programmer and amateur game designer.

As a games designer I tend to focus on relatively experimental side of video games akin to work of Chris Crawford, Jason Rohrer and more recently Stephen Lavelle. I tend to describe my design decisions as leaning towards “short, experimental and weird” but sometimes there are exceptions.

As a freelance games programmer I tend to work on flash games and recently flash ports of existing Windows-only downloadable titles. I also work part-time on community-driven Music Manager game project and my three-years old baby called Bass of Mass.

The catalog of all of my efforts is listed here: pqgames.exofire.net

If you are owner of flash portal and are willing to host or buy a special (non-exclusive) license for one of my flash games you can visit this page or just drop me an e-mail.

You can contact me via this e-mail: pqg.mirosurabu@gmail.com


One Response to About

  1. Hello,

    Hope you are doing good.

    My name is Laxmikant and I represent a group of professional QA testers, having experience of over 1000 Games and Apps on all major platforms. With your permission, I would like to share our portfolio with PG Games team.

    We are happy to provide you bug reports based on a quick quality audit for your Game/App at no cost. If you find value in our submission, you can try our most competitively priced premium services in the future 🙂

    Feel free to reply if you are interested.

    Best Wishes,
    Laxmikant Thipse.

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