Chart Wars 2010 !?

July 21, 2009

Good news, good news! Chart Wars fans should be happy!

Well, maybe not, because CW:TR 2009 will most likely be abandoned. But don’t be disappointed!

Just recently, Klaus from Osiris Games Community asked me about doing a community project.  Bothered by inactivity of the man behind first two Chart Wars games (Rob Cooper) he asked me if I’d like to join my efforts with anyone willing to make a contribution over on OG Forums citing himself as someone who’d help with research part of the game.  Given that Bass of Mass was a non-profit effort and given the fact that I was burnt out from working on the game all by myself I decided to start an open community project over on OG Forums.  We just started designing basic conceptual framework for the project and suggesting some design details but if we keep it steady we’ll eventually get some good results.

Hang over to special sub-forum over at OG Forums here.

(SUPPORT THE PROJECT: Currently we don’t accept any money. However, if you want this game to happen then we need your support. There are various degrees of support you can provide, but don’t hesitate even if it’s the minimal one. Positive comments and feedback even if they are spam-like one liners are welcome and are not regarded any less than other kind of support! If you want to help more then hang over to our special subforum over at OG forums and make some contributions)


CW:TR 2009 Halted

May 30, 2009

How do I start a post where I have to apologize for missing promised blog updates? Oh, well…

Layout object is indeed buggy, sorry to say. And there is no way I am going to continue working on CW:TR 2009 with buggy layout object. So here’s the disappointing deal – I’ll submit the report to bug tracker and wait for new Construct version to come out. Until then CW:TR 2009 development will be halted and instead of that I’ll work on something else.

I know this is really disappointing and I feel same way about it, but it’s not within my control. It’s really funny how I ran into a fatal bug only after initial three or four days working on the game. Scirra guys are updating Construct frequently so this shouldn’t be a big delay.

Thank you for your patience,
Miroslav (Adrian)

Layout Issues with CW:TR 2009

May 22, 2009

Even though CW:TR progress is steady (woohoo!) there are some issues that may actually stop the progress. One of these issues is the layout issue with Construct – layout objects don’t receive proper mouse input. This might be a bug. If it is, I’m afraid I’ll have to postpone the work on CW:TR until Construct team solves this bug. But it might not be a bug and I hope it is not. We’ll see.

CW:TR 2009 – Week One

May 21, 2009

CW:TR 2009 Screenshot #1

I started working on Chart Wars: The Remake (2009) as a part of my time management experiment. I’ll be working on this game one hour a day and I will try to keep the progress steady.

If you are not already familiar, Chart Wars: The Remake (2009) is NOT supposed to replace Bass of Mass – another music industry simulation game I am working on. CW:TR 2009 will be a slight improvement over old Chart Wars 3 game developed by Rob Cooper, whereas Bass of Mass is supposed to be that detailed music industry simulation I’ve been talking about to you for several years now.

I’ll be posting weekly updates on this one each Wednesday so stay tuned!