Bass of Mass Overview

Developed by: Miroslav Malesevic
Genre: Music industry simulation
Release date: TBA
Status: On hold

Bass of Mass is music industry simulation game inspired by Rob Cooper’s original Chart Wars series. Originally planned to be only slight improvement of Rob’s original games, this game, defined by its lengthy design document, grew up as one of my largest and most ambitious projects I ever considered to work on.

In this game you play in the role of  a record label owner whose goal is left to your interpretation. Maybe you want to be successful financially or perhaps you want to make a particular band more popular. Maybe you want to make some musical style more popular than other or maybe you want to beat major labels and dominate the industry. It’s up to you. The game is designed to provide highly detailed and customizable simulation of music industry world, rich interaction between player and non-player characters, pletora of tools to achieve same goal in many different ways, world-editor for you to create whatever kind of world you wish and in-built MP3 player to maximize the experience.

As of march 2009, the game is separated into two games – Chart Wars: The Remake and Bass of Mass. The first one is supposed to be a slight improvement of original Chart Wars game, whereas the later one is supposed to follow the game design as described by design document. I’m currently considering an option to charge for the later one but that’s not a final decision.

Early screenshots:
Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 Screenshot #3 Screenshot #4


8 Responses to Bass of Mass Overview

  1. Sumit says:

    Looking forward to it…

  2. tjkooker says:

    can’t wait for this

  3. Francesco says:

    When do you expect it will be finished?

    • mirosurabu says:

      That’s not certain yet. Probably not this year. If I’m lucky I’ll have CW:TR 2009 finished this year, so that should compensate for it. As for “Bass of Mass” – probably not this year.

      • Zeljko says:

        Ima li ikakve da završiš išta od svega toga? svaka čast na trudu, ali brate otkad je onaj šupak Rob Cooper napustio projekt, ništa da pođe za rukom nekom drugom.

  4. Name (required) says:

    Is this still being made or what?

  5. mirosurabu says:

    Still being made. 😉

  6. Really looking foward to this!

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