Nolegs screenshot

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(Windows, ZIP, 2MB)

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Requires: DirectX November 2008 Update

Nolegs is a minimalistic arcade game I made in about 90 minutes for The Poppenkast 1-Hour Tragedy competition.

You play as a character who has tragically lost his legs. But, despite this tragedy, he must collect remaining green squares in space-like environment. Fortunately, he has discovered that he has special powers – he can fire solid particles from his arms which can bounce back from other solids and give him a necessary push to navigate throughout the space.

Use ENTER to skip the scenes.
Use MOUSE to rotate arms and LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire particles.

Concept, artwork, code and music by: Miroslav Malesevic (PQG)
Made using Scirra’s Construct
Sound FX are made using SFXR


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  1. […] themselves around levels with reverse-thrust jetpacks are sooo hot right now. The cute but adorable Nolegs was released just yesterday — and now here’s the all-shooting, all-flying Toast Boy, […]

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