I Love You 2: Revisited

December 18, 2009


A short interactive story about a boy and his uncomfortable communication of feelings. The story is told by a sequence of obscure mini-games and dialogue in between.

Perhaps if we’re in an age where portraying women in a stereotypical or degrading fashion is sexist, then doing the same to men should be so as well. I think it’s rather unfortunate that the protagonist is a bored internet diddler on a quest to have engage his sister in some “good times,” who then gets rather bored when his love interest *gasp* wants to actually talk to him. This is a base depiction of humanity and certainly a sad set of stereotypes to use to portray a man.

Last day I was wondering if I Love You 2 would score high on flash portals like Newgrounds and Kongregate if I revisit it and make slight adjustments to the game. I was really willing to see results and decided to do it. I decided to try several things:

1. Restructure the story of the game and make it more coherent
2. Make certain mini-games easier to play
3. Plaster it with links to my website and first game in the series
4. Better intro/menu interface
5. Outside-the-game hint system